Visit Spain with Maria !!!

Hi dolls happy week to you and courage to those who are passing their finals this week!
Today there's no outfit of me. I'm introducing to you one of my favourite blogger ever: Maria from La Petite Blonde. This Petite blonde is a girl from Spain who likes fashion but has also a big sense of style!!
I enjoy her blog so soooooo much!! Reasons why?
Her outfits are always classy, pretty and perfectly matched! She's soo pretty! I want to visit Spain so bad and with her you can have a preview of how Spain is! But above all she's one the sweetest person I met here despite the fact that she's a famous blogger (seriously it's not the case of everyone). She doesn't understand english very well but she always comment my posts.
I wanted her to answer to some questions but as her english is not so good she couldn't :(
Anyway today's also her birthday so, Happy birthday dear I hope this post will make you smile and I want you to know that you're a big source of inspiration for me. 
Here are some of my favourites of her, don't forget to have a look at her blog and follow her :)

I hope you enjoyed! See ya soon for something new :)

11 Commentaires:

  1. That's so truth! She is so sweet! Love her! She is so stylish and down earth person! Just adorable and so chic! Kisses

  2. she is gorgeous and so classy! happy birthday to her

  3. Ses tenues sont en effet très jolies !! Je connais un peu son blog, il est très bien.

    J'espère que tu vas bin miss ?? Des bisous ;)

  4. She looks really chic, i'm going to check her blog out! Thanks for posting

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like (if you're not already a follower :-D)!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  5. Tu m'a conquise le premier look est juste parfait !! Je vais visiter son blog tout desuite :)

  6. omg dear!!!thanks,thanks, thanks love!!=)
    i´m very excited about this post!i´ve caught a lot of love because you are very kind to me!!
    kisses love=)

  7. You're so welcome Maria you really have an amazing style and it's an honour for me to have met you thanks for all the support :)

  8. J'aime bien, apparamen on a un truc en Comme => CH (Carolina Herrera) ...J'ai son Parfum, il sent trop bon!! Merci, pour l'atalaku!! Bisouxx

  9. Wow! this CH bag is amazing! i´m in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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